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    • Vexo has streamlined our team's analytics processes. It has eliminated the need for multiple tools and platforms, centralizing everything related mobile analytics in one place, which saves time and reduces confusion.

      Chris Z.
      Marketing & Growth
    • Vexo has been an invaluable asset to our startup, especially with our constantly evolving app. The day-to-day analytics provided by the tool are insightful, we've been able to leverage these to make informed decisions that enhance our product. We've gained a deeper understanding of user navigation patterns within our app, thanks to Vexo.

      Renzo C.
      CEO & Co-Founder
    • The dashboard and the useful functionalities that no other analyitics tool provide. Easy to understand, out of the box, and very easy setup. Every problem I've had was quickly solved. We use it every week to control our user base and plan our marketing strategies.

      Gonzalo A.
      CTO & Co-Founder

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For small apps or development phase


  • Up to 100k events
  • Up to 2000 heatmaps
  • 2 free seats
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Perfect option for your next project.


  • Up to 250k events
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  • 4 seats included
  • Full access to all features
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Perfect option for apps with high user base.


  • Up to 1M events
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  • 4 seats included
  • Full access to all features
  • Customizable Dashboard
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Frequently asked questions

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Why Vexo Analytics?
Vexo is the ultimate analytics tool for React Native apps, offering a one-line integration that unlocks a world of insights. With Vexo, you can easily understand and visualize user behavior, enabling you to make impactful improvements that drive your business forward.
What can I track?
With Vexo, you can track a wide range of data points out-of-the-box through our simple integration. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom events tailored to your specific needs. Out of the box, you’ll access active users, average session time, new downloads, drop-off rate, users by country, version adoption, most popular screens, app intensity usage, heatmaps, real-time inspector, most popular paths, and session tracking per device.
How dows it work?
Vexo captures app events, calculates metrics like time in screen or session duration, and securely stores it in our servers.
What is a User Event?
A user event encompasses both direct and indirect interactions with your app, such as taps, navigation events, API calls, errors, and custom events.
How does Vexo ensure the privacy and security of my users data?
At Vexo, we prioritize the privacy and security of your users data. We adhere to industry best practices to ensure its safety. You have the option to delete an app and its associated data from Vexo at any time. Rest assured, we do not sell your data.
Is there any performance impact?
There's no impact on performance, the client is lightweight. We attach different event listeners and send the data in the background to the server for further processing.
What kind of support is available for Vexo users?
24/7 customer support service. Feel free to contact us at anytime.
Can I try Vexo for free before committing to a paid plan?
Yes, we have an amazing free tier.
If I'm using another analytics tool and decide to install Vexo, would they coexist?
Yes, installing Vexo alongside another analytics tool will not cause any conflicts or issues with your existing setup. It can seamlessly coexist with your current analytics tool without any interference or disruptions.
What happens when my subscriptions reachs its event limit?
We'll keep accepting a limited amount of extra events after your subscription reaches its event limit. We do this to make sure you don't lose any important information. We'll also send you emails alerts so you can decide what steps to take.
How can I customize my dashboard?
Enterprise users can add custom widgets to their dashboard to track the daily performance of specific custom events.

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